Medical Traveler Facilitator

Our job is to provide the link or bridge to the patient from the home country and destination country. We take care of logistics and, in many ways, peace of mind. We take care of airport pickup and drop off, communication with both the clinic and medical professionals that will care for you, hotel and recovery center accommodations, transportation to and from medical appointments, pre-travel requirements, communication with your family if requested and follow-up care upon arrival home to ensure that you had a positive experience. We take you through every step of your journey and help with the adaptation to being in another country. We act on your behalf every step of the way and ensure you are taken care of during your medical tourism experience
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Mission Statement

As a medical travel facilitation company, we aim to give world-class service in the areas of logistics, communication and service to international patients coming to Mexico for medical tourism. Our goals of professionalism, care and humanity in a field where it is sometimes lacking. Is our particular motive and our first-class treatment of our clients reflects this ambition. We are on a continual quest to provide accessibility, availability and affordability to our clientele without sacrificing quality, technology and experience. Please call or e-mail us today for a quote or information on our medical tourism services or network. We look forward to hearing from you!


We offer an affordable option to the exceptionally high prices of medical care, the lack of financially accessible healthcare in the US and the long waiting lines and accessibility to medical specialists in Canada. We take care of every aspect of your medical tourism venture to Mexico: pickup & drop off at the airport and transportation to and from all medical appointments; tours & daytrips for medical patients and their travelling companions; hotel, recovery center and spa/wellness center recommendations and accommodations; coordination and contact with doctors, dentists, specialists and hospital patient coordinators (including through teleconference with the patient); car rentals if requested; and even provide a nurse or chaperone if requested or required.
We are not doctors, dentists, surgeons or specialists; we are medical tourism facilitators; we act as the bridge between one world and the other to offer safe and caring passage. Save your family money and start experiencing a fast-growing alternative in modern medical care: medical tourism. Medical, surgical and dental care of world-class quality. Medical care and dental care that’s geographically close to home. Medical care and dental care that’s affordable. Medical care that’s in a beautiful, serene and, most importantly, safe location. If you’re unhappy with the accessibility, waiting time and prices of the American system, contact us to talk about an option for yourself and your family today: medical tourism in Cancun.

Our all-in-one packages include:

  • Trip planning
  • Tours and Daytrips
  • Free chaperone (interpretation and translation) services
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Coordination of appointments and procedures
  • Conferences with hospitals and specialists
  • Hotels & Recovery Center